Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone. Here's what the crew at worked looked like today. I'm Marge Simpson

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tea Swap Package Sent

Just catching up on a few unfinished things--should have posted this last week. Angie, your package is packed up and on its way to you in Bristol. Hope you like the things that I picked up for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I finally got pictures taken. I worked on the pink/blue/gray socks during my continuing ed classes as well as the 2nd moss green sock for my nephew.

The green/maroon/blue picture of 2 socks alike I started using a method knitting both socks at once. It was easy to keep the stripes matched up--I used it on the cuffs and heel, but I went to individual needles when I got to the insteps.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I haven't got pictures taken. Just lazy I guess. I've started another pair of socks --two at a time on one circular needle. I had 2 needles going, but ended up just using the magic loop technique when I knitted myself off of the 2nd needle. Will post pictures tomorrow. Have to get some yarn picked up for my tea swap pal--maybe tomorrow. At the moment I have finished one pair of socks for my nephew, a half pair for my niece, and a full pair on the needles. Knitting daily asked us how many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) we currently have going. I decided not to count, but I do have 2 sweaters that are about 1" of border and cuffs and front tabs away from being finished as well. There are probably a couple of others lurking around in a Longaberger basket around here somewhere.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend is here and gone

I accomplished a lot this weekend--got the 2nd 8 hours of continuing education done, so I can renew my Broker's License. Finished a 2nd sock for my youngest nephew (25) and worked on a sock for my niece who's 29. I don't actually sell real estate, but I work for a commercial and residential developer in Indy. I keep up my license just in case. Have had it since 1975, and I would't want to go back, sit thru classes and take the test again if I let it lapse. I also took a quick trip over to my mom's (about an hour away to see one of my cousins who is in from Texas).

It's my sister's weekend for mom duty (mom had a stroke in May and is doing well). I take my turn next weekend to do her shopping, pay her bills, and visit. Mom's 86, so this isn't a chore thankfully. I've been doing everything but what I'm supposed to be doing: laundry.

I have my tea swap buddy and she's from Bristol, England. Am loving this new adventure. Have picked up a couple of things for her--she's going to bike thru Cuba for a fundraiser for breast cancer and women's health. Told her that I'm nervous about sending tea to an Englishwoman, but she's assured me that anythings ok with her. We've exchanged several e-mails, and it's fun. I think I turned her on to circular needle sock knitting. It's adictive--I forgot to warn her about that aspect.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Continuing Ed Knitting

Signed up for my 16 hours of continuing ed for my RE Broker's License, and put in 8 hours yesterday. Took my Socktoberfest socks with me. The time passed more quickly since I knit during it all. I'm going to knit thru the classes from now on!