Sunday, July 22, 2007

Successful knitting

Completed one regia striped sock using magic loop. Even with cheap needles, it was easy to follow. I'm going to try a trickier pattern to keep learning new techniques. Am trying to keep myself from being infected with onesockitis. Had a bad case of it last year, and have tried to take all preventatives to keep this disease from developing this year. Am going yarn shopping later in the week and may find some cool yarn to get my count up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forgot to post the picture!!! DUH!!!!

Regias for SOS

Regia crazy colors -- three socks in process from no brainer to have to count. I can take them to whatever I'm doing. The green ones are being knit using magic loop, and I really like it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have cast on for 2 Cat Bordhi's basic socks using Regia yarn that I got a couple of weeks ago when a local yarn shop was closing. I'm doing one using magic loop and one sock on two needles. Once again I got seperated from my knitting while traipsing back and forth to check on my mom. Will post pictures of the 2 socks "in process" tonight if it quits raining and I can find my camera!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The monkeys are off my back!!

One pair done for the SOS! Yeah!!!

I didn't make the cuffs as long as the pattern as I thought they would be too tight around my calves. This height is great and this pattern is fun. Love these colors as well.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

One monkey down, one cast on the needles

It's the 4th of July and one monkey sock from Cookie A. ( is done. The 2nd is on the needles. Yeah!!! :<}
Still haven't found my missing yarn, cast on monkey sock, and needles. MIA for 10 days now. Hopefully they'll show up soon.
I usually have onesockitis and cast on something new after completing one sock, but I've held myself in check. Last time I ended up with three socks with no mates and had to stop a gypsy sweater to get those babies done. I wanted to wear them. (You know, you talk about them and people expect to see them on your feet especially during winter--see the picture nrloe of the snow we had last winter freakish)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Disappearing Monkey sock

I have now started two Monkey socks. The first sock was cast on while staying at my mom's house on 6/22-6/23, and I took it to the rehabilitation center to show it to her. (She's 86 and recovering from a stroke that she had on 5/29) I have weekend duty, and my sister who's a teacher visits her a couple of times during the week. Somehow with all of this traipsing around, the first sock--yarn, needles, and everything--has hidden itself from view. Have searched my car, my house, and mom's house to no avail. So, I cast on for a new pair on Friday nite and they made it back to Indy with me this trip (my mom lives about an hour away in her hometown where about 100 of our other relatives live). Will post a picture of the new sock when I figure out what I did wrong when knitting the YO2 through the back loop. (I lost about 3 stitches on that row, so I did it right once and 3 times wrong. ) Have frogged back and will concentrate on it this evening.

Mom is progressing well--no paralysis. She called 911 herself at 3:30 am, gave the guys on the ambulance directions on how to get into the house, and talked them into giving her her cell phone so that she could call us and tell us about what happened. She's about 32 days into a 90 day rehabilitation program. It might not take that long. Her physical therapist told her to walk twice with her walker on Saturday & Sunday with me accompanying her down to the nurses station and back. (Bare in mind that when she got there on 6/1 she was in a wheelchair and required assistance to use the bathroom, get to meals, etc., so she's come a long way) She did well, but she forgets about the hand brakes, so I practiced jumping out at her so that she could steady herself and hit the brakes (not really much of a surprise). My family has a strange sense of what is funny, so keep this in mind.

Will post a picture of the correct socks tonight.