Friday, March 21, 2008

Pictureless Posting

I have misplaced my digital camera and I feel lost without it. No pictures, but I have been finishing things up:

Twisted yarn shrug--on the needles since Christmas 2006 I finished my sister's but didn't get mine done. It only needed 8 rows of border and binding off. I still have to work in and tie off all of the loose yarn end (there are many). I blocked it, so it's almost ready.

One Jacobean sock for the Sockathalon--toe up--a new technique learned. I have to frog the cuff back 'cause it's too tight--going to use the sewn finish, so one sock, two new techniques

My knitted shawl is progressing. Have about 1/3 of the basic rectangle done and then I have to do the outsides. Knitting from a chart is a bit distracting, but I'm progressing at that as well.

UFO remaining: Mystery sweater in black and greens. OTN since 2006. Just have to finish the bottom, front and neck bindings and it will be ready to wear for next fall.